You are the hero!

In this story era, the client is the hero and the brand plays the role of the mentor enabling the hero to fulfill his or her quest by adding value trough a well placed targeted narrative. At Imoteca, we are all about guiding your real estate journey. We tell a down to earth, trustworthy story that focuses on what the client needs in order to be happy with his or her decision. We are the real-estate mentors that help our heroes trough the difficult task of crossing that threshold.

It’s you who make it a home! We only tell your story.

Imoteca – The Residential Experts

"Be strong in purpose yet gentle in the means."

Beata Rafaela Ybarra de Vilallonga

A team of experts

The Imoteca team treats every customer with respect and professionalism. We are always side by side with our clients, not only as intermediaries, but also as consultants and long term business partners. Expertise, professionalism, reliability, confidence and enthusiasm are the core principles and values of the strongest residential team of experts in Romania:

Imoteca-The Residential Experts.
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A succesfull model

During the last 16 years, Imoteca - The Residential Experts has achieved all its milestones on the Romanian real estate market, becoming a successful role model on the Romanian real estate market. In 2017, Imoteca succeeded in extending its operations on the residential market from provincial towns, by means of several projects initiated in two of the largest cities in Romania, i.e. Cluj-Napoca and Constanta. Also last year, Imoteca launched, exclusively for Romania, Fine & Country, an exclusive service designated for the sale of luxury properties.

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